Relationships Counseling

Relationship counseling is the process of counseling the parties of a given relationship in an effort to recognize and to better manage or reconcile troublesome differences and repeating patterns of 13distress.

Relationship counseling may be used to help resolve conflicts in any type of relationship, example parent/child, friends, partners, coworkers, etc.

Couples or Marriage counseling involves a more complex process as it deals with deeper levels of intimacy that trigger core points of vulnerability and subconscious emotional trauma
In our practice, relationships are viewed and treated from an individual standpoint.  We focus more on the individual rather than the relationship itself.

Our philosophy stands on the view that the most important relationship is the one with our own selves.  The way we feel about ourselves is the blueprint we use to fit all our relationships.  The conflicts that appear in relationships come from unresolved emotional issues and subconscious mechanisms which get reflected onto the other person.  In other words, we blame our partners or the relationship for our own shortcomings and individual unhappiness.  Control and power struggles are the primary sources of conflict in all relationships. Our role as therapists is not one of a judge.

Our main objective is to help individuals move from blaming, to ownership and responsibility.   The therapist serves as a facilitator who will assist both of you to understand and accept your own contribution to the conflict, acknowledge your responsibility, and make a commitment to take the necessary steps to achieve individual growth as well as relationship happiness and success.  By having two people engaged in their own emotional growth, we take the pressure from the relationship and set the foundation for a new dynamic based on growth and emotional maturity.