Therapy Process


imaa1Get the benefits of online therapy in the privacy of your home, workplace, while travelling, or anywhere else. We work around your busy schedule to accommodate your needs. With the use of Skype, we can now engage in direct one-on-one interaction with you, wherever you are, when you need it. The world has become much more connected through this wonderful technology and the possibilities are limitless for promoting wellbeing and happiness. With this new technology, therapy has become easier and more accessible.

There are several advantages of online therapy. Many people postpone seeking help to avoid the discomfort of physically getting out there and going to the process of meeting a stranger, face to face, to talk about their private lives. For many, this can be extremely nerve-racking and embarrassing. The thought of sharing your deepest secrets with someone you don’t know can feel more stressful than the reason you are going in the first place. Online therapy gives you the confidence to open up, get the answers, and get the help you need in a safe and confidential environment. This format is becoming very popular for people in remote areas, or those who are unable to leave home for one reason, or another. It adds comfort to those who prefer to talk to someone outside of their community, someone far away who does not have any involvement with their lives personally, or professionally. I have noticed that clients tend to feel more comfortable and willing to open up and share their private thoughts/emotions through this process, than in the traditional face to face office setting. I find this suitable for busy professionals and those who travel frequently for work. They can now maintain their regular sessions, and work on therapeutic process and goals while being away.

Skype online therapy sessions can be conducted from anywhere in the world.  All you need is access to the internet.  This is a wonderful feature because it allows you to talk with quality professionals that may not be available in your region, or country.

You can download the software that allows you to make Skype video calls from It is easy to set up and the service is free. Most laptops have a built in video camera and microphone, which makes it very easy. If your computer does not have this, you can buy a very inexpensive video camera that connects via the USB port.

You’ve come this far. Congratulations on the courage to search for help. We’re here for you. You deserve to have some relief. Contact us now.