Following you will find two self screening test, one for Mood Disorders and another one for Anxiety. Complete these tests to determine your level of need for assistance in this area.

MOOD DISORDER QUIZ (Depression/Bipolar Disorder)

Take this Quiz to find out if you may suffer from a Mood Disorder

  1. Do you experience extreme mood changes?  (going from feeling very happy to very sad).
  2. Has anyone in your family been diagnosed with Depression or Bipolar Disorder?
  3. Do you experience any of the following symptoms on and off?
    Crying Spells
    Sleep difficulty
    Poor concentration
    Changes in appetite
    Weight changes
    Digestive disorders
    Thoughts of death/suicide
    Loss of interest in appearance
  4. Have you experienced any of the following symptoms for at least a week?

Extreme irritability
Euphoria or feeling on top of the world
Risky behaviors (substance abuse, gambling, excessive shopping)
Unable to focus
Increased sex drive
Increase in energy
Decreased need for sleep

If you answer Yes to 2 or more of these questions (at least 2 symptoms in each of the multiple-symptoms question), you may suffer from a Mood Disorder. You should consult a Mental Health Professional for an accurate assessment.


  1. I worry most of the time
  2. I replay thoughts/events in my mind
  3. I wake up in the middle of the night worrying about the past or the future
  4. I frequently suffer from diarrhea or other digestive disorders
  5. I feel fearful for no reason
  6. My mouth feels dry sometimes
  7. I experience tightness in my chess and/or shortness of breath
  8. I have experienced at least one panic attack
  9. When someone snaps at me I spend the rest of the day thinking about it
  10. I tend to focus on upsetting situations that have happened in my life
  11. I tend to think negatively about people and situations
  12. No matter how much I try, my mind continues thinking about problems
  13. My muscles feel rigid and tense
  14. I frequently experience back/neck pain
  15. I have a hard time falling asleep
  16. I am easily frightened
  17. My hands get cold and sweaty
  18. I am afraid of being alone
  19. I feel uneasy in large crowds
  20. I am afraid of riding elevators or airplanes
  21. I can’t relax
  22. I experience frequent nightmares
  23. I have difficulty enjoying sex
  24. Sometimes I feel like if I am about to lose control
  25. I rely on alcohol, pills, or drugs to be able to relax
  26. I feel tired
  27. I have difficulty concentrating
  28. I often feel guilty and regretful
  29. To me, the world is a scary place
  30. I experience sudden palpitations, pounding heart or accelerated hear rate

If you answered “yes” to 3 or more of these statements, you may suffer from an Anxiety Disorder.  You should seek professional help in order to get evaluated and receive an accurate assessment.