Choosing A Therapist

21Wisdom, empathy, compassion and character are all attributes you’ll want your therapist to have, but they aren’t enough. Knowledge and good professional training are essential. Individuals often wonder if they would do better with a female or a male therapist. Trust your instincts to determine if the gender of the therapist is a significant issue for you.

It could be that the nature of your particular problem, as well as your own preferences, will lead to a decision that is best suited to you. Choose what feels right for you personally.

It’s important to remember that therapy is a much, much richer experience than just problem-solving. The foundation of good therapy is the relationship you and the therapist build together.

Because this relationship is going to be so crucial to the effectiveness of your therapy, it is essential you find someone with whom you feel a comfortable connection, someone who makes you feel understood and accepted, a therapist who creates and maintains an environment within which you can feel safe to explore even the most deeply felt sources of pain or conflict.